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Break, Lunch and Toilet Arrangements

Pupils will be given designated areas to remain within these times to maximise distancing and facilitate supervision by staff in order to maintain the 2 metre distancing requirement. At Break and lunchtime pupils will be expected to be outside the School Building and unless they are entering to use the toilets, to wash their hands or place an order for food or collect food.


Pupils in the Lower Social and Upper Social Areas at these times will be supervised collecting lunches, snacks or order forms or returning same.


During wet weather, pupils will have access to allocated spaces within the school.

Tayside Contracts which provides catering and cleaning services will operate their services from Wednesday, 12th August.


There will be a cash till to accept money, but I ask that you preload the IPay system for your child’s school meal payment, this will help speed up queues and have less money handled in the school. The Biometric system for payments cannot function at this time. A hot and cold order and collect/take away service as well as snack service for break and lunchtimes will be available from the Canteen. Pupils should fill out pre order forms in their Period 1 class. These will be collected and handed in to the Canteen.


Tayside Contracts catering service is developing an App which should be available very soon to allow pupils to order food from their phones (More information about this to follow).

Pupils should use their designated year group toilets which are clearly marked and will receive more information about this. Pupils should not crowd into toilets or remain there longer than necessary and must wash their hands after use.

I am awaiting guidance about this arrangement and will forward details to you when I receive updated information.

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