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Working with Families and Partners

If a need for further support is identified – either by the pupils, parents/carers or within the school - the PCS team use the Continuum of Need to assess the level of support required. We will meet with families to discuss any concerns and set action points that are agreed by all. If necessary, a pupil may require a more detailed child’s plan which would then be created in conjunction with parents/ carers and any other relevant agencies to ensure your child’s needs are being met.

The Targeted Support Group consists of pupils who are entitled to a further level of support and includes children who are care-experienced, young carers, pupils who may require support financially or are supported by social work or similar agencies. PCS teachers will monitor the progress of this group particularly carefully ensuring we liaise with families and carers regularly, review their progress and respond swiftly to any potential barriers to achievement, attainment, and wellbeing.


The PCS team has established effective relationships with a variety of local partners and works closely with them to improve outcomes for young people. These include services such as Educational Psychology, School Nurse and Listening Service and organisations and charities such as the Princes Trust, WRASAC, Penumbra, Hillcrest Futures and The Corner.

Engaging with Parents and Carers

Parents/carers are encouraged to engage with their child’s PCS teachers through a variety of means and information is shared via the PCS Twitter feed and the school website. The team also have class teams on GLOW and pupils/parents can email the PCS member directly using the email addresses shared on the main PCS page.

There are also various events throughout the school year which allow parents to engage with PCS including information evenings for key transition points, careers events and parents’ evenings. A member of the PCS team also sits on the parent council to ensure parental views are being considered.

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