Senior Course Choices

The choices made in the senior phase can a huge impact on the destinations for pupils after their school career. As such, making an informed and sensible selection is vital. Below, you will find a number of documents to help you and your child make the right choice.
Preparing for the Senior Phase

This booklet is designed to help you understand what the Senior Phase curriculum offers, and how it relates to your education in the years beyond that. 

Senior Phase Course Descriptors

This is document provides an overview of the various courses offered at Monifieth High in the senior phase.

Apprenticeships Information

Apprenticeships are a great way for young people to gain skills while working - ‘earning while learning’. Details of available apprenticeships are in this document.

SCQF Points Explained

This short document provides a quick guide to how different courses are graded by SCQF points; something of which all candidates should be aware.

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