Introduction to Course Choice

Welcome to the Course Choice section of our website.  Within this area you will find information relating to personalisation and choice within the S3-S6 curriculum.

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, we are conducting a digital course choice for session 2022-23. 

A SWAY document will be emailed out to parents and carers detailing the course choice process.  This will contain a link to the digital course choice form.  As we are unable to host a course choice evening this year, departments have created short videos to introduce you to the courses offered.  These should be viewed along with the course choice descriptors before our young people choose their course options.

Course Choice for Pupils Currently in S2

In S3, our young people will continue to receive a broad general education while also beginning to cover work for SCQF level 4 and 5 qualifications. Pupils will begin studying towards National qualifications in English, Mathematics, Scottish Studies and six additional subjects picked from the course choice form.  Pupils will also participate in Social Education, Personal Support,  Religious and Moral Education and PE (core PE or School of Sport in rugby, netball or football). The diagram below shows the number of periods allocated to each subject in S3.  Scottish Studies units are embedded within S3 English, History, Geography and RE courses.

S3 33 period week.jpg

During the course choice process in February 2023, S3 pupils will review their progress in certificate level courses and continue in to S4 with English, Mathematics and 4 out of the 6 additional subjects chosen in S3 (ie. pupils will reduce the number of SCQF Level 4/5 subjects from 9 to 7).  They will continue with Social Education, Personal Support, Religious and Moral Education and PE. 


A list of subjects available, along with course descriptors and short video presentations describing each course can be viewed on our website or by clicking directly on the links at the bottom of this page.  

Course Choice for Pupils Currently in S3

Pupils currently in S3 have already begun studying towards 10 National 4/5 courses.  In this year’s course choice,  pupils have the option of continuing with PE at National 4/5 level or moving to a non-certificated core PE course.  They are also asked to identify 2 other National 4/5 courses currently being studied in S3 that they do not wish to continue with in S4.  All pupils are expected to continue to study English and Mathematics.  In S4, pupils may select either National 5 Mathematics or National 5 Applications of Mathematics.  Many colleges and universities now accept Applications of Mathematics as an entrance qualification in place of Mathematics.  A link at the bottom of this page will provide further information.  We also suggest that prior to selecting Applications of Mathematics, pupils visit college and university websites to confirm that this course is accepted as an entrance qualification for their chosen pathway.

In addition to subjects studied in school, pupils moving in to S4 can now pick up a Friday College Course offered by Dundee and Angus College.  These courses usually run at the D&A Arbroath Campus with transport to and from the college organised by Angus Council.  Course information for all college courses can be accessed using the link at the bottom of this page or using the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Pupils are expected to catch up on any school work which is missed.

Course Choice for Pupils Currently in S4 and S5

A wide range of school and college courses are available to our young people as they move through S5 and S6.  These include National 4/5, Higher, and D&A College courses in S5/6 as well as Advanced Higher Courses and a range of wider achievement options for S6 pupils. 

Pupils in S5 are expected to select one subject from each of the timetable columns and may select an additional Friday college course.  

Pupils in S6 are expected to select a minimum of 4 subjects from across the school and college course offer.  Some Advanced Higher courses are offered by the Tayside Regional Improvement Collaborative (TRIC).  These courses are taught through online learning delivered by a Tayside secondary teacher.  More information about TRIC courses can be obtained by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. 

Links to Course Choice Information

A quick guide to how different courses are graded by SCQF points.

A list of subjects found in the timetable columns for each year group.

A description of each SQA course offered in Monifieth High School.

Diagrams showing progression routes within each faculty.

A description of each course offered by Dundee and Angus College

Produced by Skills Development Scotland and Parent Forum of Scotland, these documents are designed to help parents and carers when talking to young people about course choice and career options. 

Information on which colleges and universities accept N5 Applications of Mathematics as an alternative to N5 Mathematics and a short overview of the N5 course.

Information about D&A College Foundation Apprenticeships.

SWAY describing the Tayside Regional Improvement Collaborative virtual campus and their Advanced Higher offer for next session

Subject Videos: Admininstration and IT               Design and Manufacture

Subject Videos: Engineering Science                   Human Biology

Subject Videos: Laboratory Science                     Practical Woodwork

Subject Videos: RMPS                                           Spanish