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While English is fundamental to effective communication, it is also a field of study which enriches the lives of those who embrace it. Our English department has a record of delivering excellent results but, more than this, it instils an enthusiasm for novels, poetry, drama and non-fiction.
All of our English staff use the subject to help pupils develop empathy and understanding of the world in which they live, giving them the confidence and knowledge to express their feelings and ideas.
Course Documents
Pupil Downloads

Curriculum Rationale

Of Mice and Men Booklet

Rationale Diagram

An Inspector Calls Booklet

S1 Course Précis

Tess of the d'Urbervilles Booklet

S2 Course Précis

The Crucible Booklet

S3 Course Précis

Added-Value Log-Book

Suggested Reading for Teens

More Suggested Reading Lists

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