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Health Improvement

Our Physical Education and Home Economics departments provide both a solid grounding for pupils, as well a platform for those to specialise in these areas of study. Our school believes firmly in mens sana in corpore sano and our Health Improvement faculty ensures that all pupils understand the importance of taking health matters seriously, in school and out.
Our football, netball, hockey and other teams compete with other schools, locally, regionally and nationally, giving Monifieth High pupils the competitive experiences which enrich their learning.
All Subjects

Health Improvement Faculty MHS Course Descriptors

Health Improvement Learner Pathways

Health Improvement Rationale

Physical Education

P.E. Kit Guide

P.E. Rationale

P.E. Kit

Common Questions (P.E.)

Pupil Downloads

Higher P.E. Resource

P.E. Factors Impacting Performance

Course Links

Higher P.E. Student Support Booklet (Exam Style Questions)

P.E. Learner Contracts (Higher Example)

National 5 Physical Education

Advanced Higher Physical Education

Higher Physical Education

National 5 Visual Course Descriptor


Course Links

National 5 Dance

Higher Dance

Home Economics

Course Links

National 5 Hospitality/Practical Cookery

National 5 Health & Food Technology

National 5 Fashion & Textile Technology

National 5 Practical Cake Craft

Higher Fashion & Textile Technology

Higher Health & Food Technology

H.E. Rationale

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