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Monitoring and Tracking Your Child's Progress

We have created a support system which allows the deputes and guidance teachers who lead each house to form strong relationships with the pupils and families. Weekly house meetings also include the school’s resource worker, PT Heart and the PT ASN to enable everyone to work together to improve outcomes for our young people, particularly those who are in our targeted support group.

The PCS team monitor pupils through a variety of means to ensure we are offering the correct levels of support. Alongside weekly Social Education lessons, pupils receive a period of Personal Support. In S1 and S2 this period is delivered by a range of subject teachers and in S3 and S4 it is delivered by the PC & S team. During S1/S2 Personal Support time PCS staff conduct ‘Wellbeing Conversations’ with the pupils which are recorded and used to set next steps. They include discussion around progress in subjects, extra-curricular activities, and use the wellbeing web to scale how they are feeling. In S4 and S5 conversations also include evaluation of assessments and exams and incorporates the setting of action points.

These opportunities for regular individual discussions help to foster positive relationships between the team and pupils as it provides your child with an opportunity to share any problems or worries in a private forum.

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