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Monifieth High School Arrangements for the Return of all Pupils and Staff August 2020

Updated Guidelines

Updated guidelines have been issued by the Scottish Government in relation to wearing of face masks and actions to be taken in the event of illness.  Please click below to download these documents:

Face Masks

Pupil illness

Workplace Communications – SCHOOLS


All pupils, parents or guardians and staff should be aware that the following should be addressed to produce a COVID-safe working environment.


 Consult with staff, including trades unions, to ensure policies and procedures include COVID-19 risk assessment and mitigations.


 Identify and support those who should not attend (e.g. as shielding or other health issues).


 Continue work from home policies and provide necessary support to those who can.


 Ensure all staff are aware of their responsibility to control the spread of COVID-19 in their workplace.


 Ensure pupils and staff have access to suitable learning opportunities in effective hand washing technique, cough etiquette and use of personal protective equipment (PPE).


 Ensure managers and staff understand their obligations with respect to Scotland’s Test and Protect Strategy. That staff are clear how to access testing.


 Ensure pupils and staff do not congregate in communal areas such as canteens, arrival and entry areas, staff rooms, wash areas/hygiene stations and corridors.


 Put in place training which will ensure that all employees understand the requirements for control measures including physical distancing and measures to monitor adherence by all staff.


 Ensure all pupils and staff are clear that those who have symptoms or are diagnosed with COVID-19 and their household/other contacts do not attend work and follow advice on self/household isolation.


 Ensure all staff are clear that if they become unwell whilst at work they should return home and seek testing.


 Ensure that staff are clear on what is expected of them should a pupil or work colleague become unwell on site.

Revised arrangements

A new presentation has been shown to all pupils to go over revised arrangements regarding the wearing of masks and other procedures.  To download a copy, click here.

Return to School Video

New procedures are working well.  The video below was shown to all pupils on Friday 21/08/2020.

Further Information
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