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Safety Protocol and Requirements

Everyone in the School must adhere to all the arrangements necessary for the safety of the School Community  described above and in subsequent communications.


• Pupils must observe the instructions about safe entry and exit and follow the one way system which will reduce the volume and density of pupils in corridors.


• Pupils and adults/staff must maintain a 2 metre distance at all times.


• Pupils must avoid direct physical contact and maintain as much physical distance as possible, avoid entering a crowded area and wait for a less congested situation before proceeding.


• Pupils should sanitise their hands at the designated entrances on arrival at School in the morning, when they return at lunchtime and when they leave school.


• Pupils should sanitise their hands when entering a classroom and as instructed by the teaching or support staff responsible and operating in that area.


• Pupils must follow all safety instructions from members of staff.

• Pupils must use the School provided sanitiser on arrival/entering the School building and on entering classrooms and when they leave to go home or at lunchtimes. (Pupils may wear plain masks or face coverings and may bring and use their own sanitiser which should comply with the 70% alcohol recommendation to be used at any other time during the school day.


• Pupils must not share equipment, exchange bags or share food.


• Pupils should not bring anything in to School to be taken to another pupil’s home.


• Pupils should not linger in toilets and should wash their hands after using the toilets/avoid crowding in toilets.

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