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Online School Payments now available

The online school payments system is now available for parents/carers of pupils at all Angus schools to get registered.

The system (iPay) allows you to make payments toward school meals and other items set up by your school such as trips, activities, events and more.

When you are logged in, you can top up your meals balance straight away which will then be used to pay for your child’s school lunches as they order them.

You can pre-order lunch options online, or your child can select in the classroom, with both options being funded by the meals balance you have topped up online.

For help using the system, there is a Frequently Asked Questions section accessible from the top menu bar once you've logged in to help you get started.

If you have any issues using the system or would like any help with getting the most out of the system, please contact your school office for further information and support.

Click on this link to get started with your link key or, if you are already registered, to login and make a payment.

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