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Glorious Gardeners Project

Our Additional Support Needs department have launched their “Glorious Gardeners” project.

We have linked up with The Men’s Shed in Monifieth, The Eco Group and the Engineering Group at Dundee and Angus College to plan a garden project.

There are a few long term aims of this project.

First, it is to have a garden where we can grow simple vegetables and fruit (and some herbs). We hope to have senior volunteers from the community come along to assist with the project, forging and cementing relationships between the school and the local community.

Pupils will be able to enjoy spending time in the “Outdoor Classroom”, learning about different types of plants and wildlife.

By growing, picking and finally cooking their own produce pupils will gain a first-hand understanding of the journey food takes from soil to table.

The sensory garden will also provide space in which pupils can relax, as well as stimulate the senses.

If you have any questions about this project, please drop us a line via our Contact page.

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