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Parentzone Scotland

Parentzone Scotland is a unique website for parents and carers in Scotland, from early years to beyond school. The website provides up-to-date information about learning in Scotland, and practical advice and ideas to support children’s learning at home in literacy, numeracy, health and wellbeing and science. Some of our updated content is below.

Home learning environment

Research shows that taking an interest in your child’s learning can make a big difference to how well they do. Making your home a positive home learning environment plays a big part in this, no matter how old your child is. Find out more here.

General tips for supporting learning at home

Parents have a vital role in a child’s learning and development throughout their lives. They provide the cornerstones that allow their child to grow and develop through everyday stimulating activities such as games, rhymes and language, which help their child to learn. Early learning and childcare settings, schools and communities can also play a key part in recognising, developing and resourcing this. Find out more here.

National Improvement Framework Evidence Report

The National Improvement Framework aims to provide better information about how well children and young people are doing in education. You can read the full results in the Report on the Scottish Government website. However you might also be interested in some of the statistics here.

Internet safety

Children and young people are spending more and more time in online environments, with smart phones, laptops and hand-held devices that allow them to communicate in different ways. Parents can find out more about practical solutions to reduce the risks here.

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