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Milestones and Progression in Junior Phase

As your young person moves through junior phase, we understand the importance of communicating progress and next steps both to our young people, but also to you at home. As we move towards the end of the school year and begin to evaluate and review for next year, we are keen to hear your views on our reporting.

We have produced a voice over PowerPoint presentation to explain our milestones and progression through S1-S3 which is available below

Parents info on Milestones, Assessment methods & Reports in BGE at MHS
Download PPTX • 6.26MB


Furthermore, please use this forms link to ask any questions you may have about our reporting. We will collate all questions and where possible, provide answers at our zoom online drop-in session on Monday 30 May, 6pm-6.30pm. For those who cannot make the drop in, we will produce a FAQ section on our website and publish responses.

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