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SQA Milestone Assessments

SQA Milestone Assessments

As you may already be aware, we plan to hold two diets of prelims, now renamed SQA Milestone Assessments during this academic year. The purpose of this is to gather robust assessment evidence for our S4 to S6 pupils under controlled assessment conditions. The first set will be held during the weeks beginning 23 and 30 November and 7 December and a timetable will be issued early next term. The second diet is planned for weeks beginning 1 and 8 March 2021. 

We have also asked Curriculum Group to compile an assessment calendar i.e. a timeline of all planned assessments for the rest of this session. This will ensure we continue to collect robust assessment evidence throughout the year which we can use if necessary, e.g. for estimates and or appeals if there is any disruption to the 2021 diet of SQA examinations. We will also share this with you early in the new term. We do of course want to avoid unnecessary over-assessment and not take away precious time for learning.

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