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Social Education and Personal Support

Skills for life, learning and work is a strong focus in both Social Education and Personal Support. In the latter PCS teachers deliver a range of courses and opportunities for further development including a National 4 qualification in Employability in S3 and S4 and a National 5 in Mental Health and Wellbeing in S5.

The N4 Employability Award

This course ensures each pupil has undertaken research relating to employment, produced a curriculum vitae and has undertaken an interview by supporters of the school, receiving feedback on their performance. This course consists of three units in total and is continuously assessed throughout S3 and S4.

The N5 Mental Health and Wellbeing Award

This course ensures our young people are equipped for the wider world by ensuring they have an understanding of the importance of maintaining good mental health and the supports available to them as young people and as adults. Pupils complete three units in total and complete assessments throughout the year.

In S3 pupils are also given the opportunity to take part in the Youth Philanthropy Initiative which encourages pupils to understand the importance of charitable organisations and interact with their communities. These courses and initiatives all reflect the school’s overarching themes: attainment, health and community.

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