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Your Exams 2023

Exams let you demonstrate what you have learned. We understand you may be nervous or worried about sitting them later this year so we created Your Exams to help you prepare.

It tells you what you need to know and gives information and advice so that you can do your very best on the day of exams. Your Exams also contains rules you need to read and understand before exams start. These are in place to make sure exams are fair for everyone.

Remember to prepare, stay calm and do your best.

On the day 

Arriving for your exam

  • Make sure you know when and where your exam is taking place

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get there

  • Have your SCN with you

  • Be outside the exam room 10 minutes before the exam starts

If you're late, the teacher in charge will tell you if you can sit the exam.

How to find your Scottish Candidate Number (SCN)

Speak to your school, call us on 0345 279 1000, or complete our Candidate Enquiry Form.



Make sure you have the necessary exam supplies, such as pens.

Bring a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and focused. Ask your teacher/lecturer if you're unsure what you need.


You will get your results by post on Tuesday 8 August.

You can also get your results by text or email if you sign up to MySQA

Your school will also receive your results.

If you have applied to a university or college through UCAS, they will also receive your results.

If you don’t receive your certificate on results day, contact your school immediately. They can tell you your results and will work with us to find out what has happened to your certificate.

If you think there’s a mistake on your certificate, or something looks wrong, contact your school.

Appeals service 2023

Appeals 2023 is a free service that you can use if you have concerns about a grade (or grades) on your results certificate. You can appeal directly to us or ask your school to do this for you.

The service will open on Results Day, Tuesday 8 August at 9am, and the learner direct submission deadlines are:

  • Tuesday 15 August at 11:59pm for priority appeals

  • Tuesday 29 August at 11:59pm for all other appeals


Your appeal can be prioritised if you have a conditional place at university or college, or in training or employment that depends on your grade.

What is Appeals 2023?

Appeals 2023 has a different process to the one used last year as alternative assessment evidence will not be looked at.

This year, if you appeal your grade, a senior marker will carry out a marking review of your SQA-marked assessments.

This is not a re-mark.

A marking review checks that:

  • all parts of your SQA-assessments have been marked;

  • the marking is in line with national standards;

  • the marks given for each answer have been totalled correctly; and

  • the correct result has been entered on our system.


Please note that after being reviewed, your result could stay the same, go up or go down.

Roles and Responsibilities

There is important information you need to read and understand in relation to Appeals 2023. The Appeals 2023 Roles and Responsibilities document outlines the duties and tasks that SQA, schools, colleges, training providers, learners and local authorities must undertake both pre and post certification. You can speak to your teacher or lecturer if you have any questions about the document or service.

Further information

For more information please read our news article from Wednesday 1 February.

SQA confirms services for learners sitting National 5, Higher and Advanced Higher exams in 2023

We will publish further Appeals 2023 information for learners before the service opens.

SQA Results Day 2023

Results day is Tuesday 8 August 2023

Your certificate arrives on 8 August and if you signed up for MySQA you'll get your results by text or email on 8 August too.

Find out what's in the envelope you receive on results day.


Results day support

SQA candidate advice line: 0345 279 1000

Opening hours

  • Tue: 8am-6pm

  • Wed-Fri: 8.30am-5pm


SDS results helpline: 0808 100 8000

Talk to careers advisers who can offer help with post school options like college/university, apprenticeships, jobs and volunteering

Opening hours

  • Tue-Wed: 8am-6pm

  • Thu-Fri: 8.30am-5pm


Further and higher education

Information can be found from:


Your health and wellbeing

Receiving results can be an anxious time. If you’re feeling stressed, worried or overwhelmed, talking to a friend, family member, teacher or lecturer about how you’re feeling can be a good first step and make a big difference.

Read our Young Scot blog post with guidance and mental health tips.

Find lots of information to help you relax and support your friends on the Young Scot and YoungMinds websites.

There are several other organisations that you can talk to:

Support for learners

For support from our partners visit:

Your rights

Reach (part of Enquire) - offers accessible advice about your right to be supported and involved in decisions about your education.

My Rights, My Say - supporting children aged 12-15 with additional support needs to exercise their rights to be involved in decisions about their school support.​

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