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Travel and Activities to and From School, and Social Distancing

The guidance and information from the Scottish Government is that pupils can travel to and from school, observing the personal protection requirements (PPE) on public/school transport and be in other places adhering to the PPE requirements, attend school safely in practical (maximum 20 pupils) and non-practical (maximum 30 pupils) sized classes with appropriate care and hygiene.


Parents of pupils who travel to school by contract bus will receive a Groupcall from Angus Council regarding their transport arrangements. When pupils arrive at school by the bus, there will be a controlled exit from the bus by a member of school staff.

Social distancing between pupils is not required or necessary in school, but adults/all staff are to maintain a 2 metre distance between themselves and pupils at all times and of course pupils must cooperate with this because of the nature and impact of the COVID virus and our understanding at this time.


An area around teacher desks has been marked out and we ask that pupils assist us by remaining outside the marked area at all times.

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