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Introduction to Course Choice

for Session 2023 - 2024

Welcome to the Course Choice section of our website.  Within this area you will find information relating to personalisation and choice within the S3-S6 curriculum.

The choices made in the senior phase can have a huge impact on the destinations for pupils after their school career. As such, making an informed and sensible selection is vital. Below, you will find a number of documents to help you and your child make the right choice.

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s2 into S3 Course Choice Coulmns

This document shows the subjects in each of the S3 course choice columns.  One subject should be chosen from each column.

Course Choice for Pupils currently in S3

Pupils currently in S3 have already begun studying towards 9 National 4/5 courses (including Scottish Studies).  They will continue to study English, Mathematics or Applications of Mathematics and 4 out of the additional SCQF subjects chosen in S3.  Where possible, pupils will also continue to work towards an SCQF level 5 qualification in Scottish Studies.  

In addition to subjects studied in school, pupils moving in to S4 can now pick up a Friday College Course offered by Dundee and Angus College.  These courses usually run at the D&A Arbroath Campus with transport to and from the college organised by Angus Council.  Course information for all college courses can be accessed using the link at the bottom of this page or using the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Pupils are expected to catch up on any school work which is missed.


In the course choice form, pupils will be asked to:

1. Identify the two SCQF subjects that are not being continued in to S4

2. Identify which college course, if any, that they would wish to study.

Course Choice for Pupils currently in S4 and S5

A wide range of school and college courses are available to our young people as they move through S5 and S6.  These include SCQF level 4, 5, 6 and 7 courses, D&A College courses on Monday/Wednesday afternoons or Friday mornings as well as a range of wider achievement options for S6 pupils. 

Pupils in S5 are expected to select one subject from each of the timetable columns and may select an additional Friday college course.  

Pupils in S6 are expected to select a minimum of 4 subjects from across the school and college course offer.  Some SCQF level 7 Advanced Higher courses are offered by the Tayside Regional Improvement Collaborative (TRIC).  These courses are taught through online learning delivered by a Tayside secondary teacher.  More information about TRIC courses can be obtained by clicking on the link at the bottom of this page. 

s4 into S5 Course Choice Coulmns

This document shows the subjects in each of the S5 course choice columns.  One subject should be chosen from each column.  A Friday college course may be taken as an additional course. 

s5 into S6 Course Choice Coulmns

This document shows the subjects in each of the S6 course choice columns.  A mininum of 4 subjects should be chosen from across the school and college options.   One subject may come from the wider achievement list.


Administration & IT N5

Art and Design Higher

Biology N5

Business Management N5

Administration & IT Higher

Art and Design advanced Higher

Biology Higher 

Business Management Higher

Art and Design National 5


Biology Advanced Higher 

Chemistry National 5

Chemistry Higher 

Classical Studies Higher

Design & Manufacture N5

Engineering Science Higher

English Advanced Higher

Chemistry Advanced Higher

Computing Science National 5 

N5 Drama 

English N5

Environmental Science N5

Classical Studies National 5 

Computing Science Higher 

Engineering Science N5

English Higher

Environmental Science Higher

Fashion & Textile N5 & Higher

Geography National 4/5

German Higher

Health & Food Technology Higher

Human Biology Higher

French National 5

Geography Higher

Graphic Communication N5

History National 5 

Laboratory Science Skills N5

French Higher

German National 5

Graphic Communication Higher

History Higher 

Manicure & Pedicure NPA

Maths All Levels 

Music National 5 

Photography Higher

Physics National 5

Practical Cookery

Modern Studies National 5

Music Higher

Modern Studies Higher

Photography NPA

Physical Education National 5

Physics Higher

Practical Electronics National 5

Physical Education Higher

Physics Advanced Higher

Practical Metalwork National 5

Practical Wordwork National 5

Spanish National 5

RMPS National 5

Spanish Higher

RMPS Higher


This is document provides an overview of the various courses offered at Monifieth High in the senior phase.


The D&A booklet provides full details of college courses available to senior pupils. A second link will take you to a summary document of this information.

my world of work

This website provides useful careers information including advice on school subject choices.

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