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Pupil Care and Support Team

The PCS team have an open door policy and are located at a busy intersection of the school. We are housed in our own corridor with a Social Education room and various side rooms which provide areas to meet with pupils. There are three houses (Panmure, Dalhousie and Balmossie) and each house has 2 PCS teachers who are linked to a Depute Head Teacher.

Various partners also work within this corridor including the careers adviser, school nurse service, educational psychology and other partners. Pupils are encouraged to self-refer when they are in need of support but robust monitoring and tracking processes also mean PCS staff may identify potential areas of concern and may discuss possible supports with your child or contact home to discuss these with you.

This term we are looking at improving our communication with young people and parents.  We are promoting different ways for  your child to contact their guidance teacher.


We have three main ways for young people to contact their guidance teacher.


  1. Go to the guidance base- a timetable is there if no guidance teacher is available. 

  2.  QR codes - which are situated around the school.  Pupil completes a form and it will generate an email to arrange a meeting. 

  3. Use mobile phone number for their guidance teacher and text. This will be shared through Social Education.  Only during school hours. 



In the first instance, if it is a general enquiry, please contact your child's guidance teacher via email. 


The email for your young persons Guidance Teacher is


We will endeavour to respond to email correspondence within three working days. 

For urgent matters, parents can  contact the school via the main office on 01382 768100, you will be put through to the relevant guidance teacher.  If they are not available  please leave a message, providing contact details and the reason for your call and the Guidance Teacher will respond as soon as they possibly can. 


If it is a matter that needs immediate attention, please make the office aware.  Thank you for your ongoing support.

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