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Wider Achievement 

As our young people progress through Monifieth High School we aim to equip them with skills and experiences that will allow them to succeed in their post-school life, whatever career they choose to enter.  This requires the development of skills such as creativity, innovation, collaboration, adaptability, leadership, persuasion and emotional intelligence.  From S1 to S6, we offer a range of wider achievement opportunities which help pupils to build these skills and demonstrate to employers, further and higher education establishments that they are ready to take on the challenges that are ahead of them.  Collectively our wider achievement opportunities form the Monifieth High School Leadership Academy.  We encourage our young people to take every opportunity that our Leadership Academy offers and we look forward to watching them grow as individuals along the way.

The MHS Leadership Academy provides pupils with the opportunity to be involved in the life of the school and develop their leadership skills as they journey through the school from S1 - S6.

The purpose of the Leadership Academy is:

  • to develop formal leadership opportunities for S1 - S6 pupils.

  • to develop leadership skills essential for life in work, training or further education.

  • to ensure our young peoples' skills are recognised and their qualification portfolio is developed.

Monifieth High School Leadership Academy

Jobcard Roadway.jpg

We know how to get qualifications but how do we get employability skills?

How do we build on the leadership skills we developed in primary school?

Job Card Arkwright Scholarship.jpg
Job Card Barista.jpg
Job Card Befrienders.jpg
Job card DoE.jpg
Jobcard F1 in Schools.jpg
Job Card HEART Buddy.jpg
Job card House Captain.jpg
Job card Junior Prefect.jpg
Job Card Leadership Award.jpg
Learning Council Rep.jpg
Job Card Library Assistant.jpg
Job Card MEV Kit Card.jpg
Job card Nail Bar.jpg
Job Card Prefect.jpg
Job Card Princes Trust.jpg
Job card School Captain.jpg
Job Card SCQF Ambassadors.jpg
Job Card Sports Leader.jpg
Job card Volunteering Skills.jpg
Job card Hi 5Dynamic Youth.jpg
Job Card Personal Development Award.jpg
Job Card Young STEM Leader.jpg
Job Card MyWoW.jpg
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