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We have been delighted this year to have been able to carry out our transition program this session to introduce and welcome the Primary 7 pupils of our associated primary schools to Monifieth High School. 


The following outlines some of the transition work that has taken place: 

  • Our School Captains have visited each cluster primary school either in person or online, holding a Q&A session discussing life at Monifieth HS. 

  • Our P7 Open Evening in November allowed many parents/carers and young people to see our school, visit the classrooms and meet subject and pastoral teachers 

  • Our PC&S teachers have visited and spoken to each Primary 7 class to give information about the secondary school day, different subjects, uniform, homework and the role of Pupil Care and Support teachers. 

  • All P7 Pupils have visited Monifeith High School for an additional morning, visiting the school library and experienced team building activities with both staff and our current S5/6 pupils.  

  • Our enhanced transition has supported young people, visiting the school to increase confidence and build relationships with staff prior to arriving in August 


Our pastoral staff have also been liaising with Primary Staff to ensure that we effectively transfer information and discover more about each child as an individual in order to best support their learning and wellbeing as they move from primary to secondary school. 

Class groupings are created based on information provided by primary schools, involving careful consideration of who young people will work well with. We ensure wherever possible that each pupil is in a class with at least one other pupil from their primary school; we ensure whenever possible that a pupil is in a class looked after by the same Principal Teacher, Pupil Care & Support that looks after any older brothers/sisters who are in our school already; and we ensure that each class has a good balance of personalities and backgrounds. 

Q&A Drop in Sessions 

Members of SLT and our pastoral team are visiting each of our cluster primary schools to host a drop in Q&A session prior to the transition week in June. This will allow parents/carers and young people the opportunity to meet members of the MHS team and ask any questions you have regarding transition from primary. Staff will be on hand after the school day at the following times and locations below.  Please pop in and visit us if you have any questions. 

 Primary School                    Date of Drop in                                        Drop in Time                              Location 

Auchterhouse                  Friday 19 May (Sports Day)                12:30 – 13:00                             P7 Classroom 

Liff                                                 Tuesday 30 May                                      15:30 – 16:15                             P7 Classroom 

Seaview                                     Wednesday 31 May                              15:30 – 16:15                             P7 Classroom 

Murroes                                     Friday 2 June                                            15:30 – 16:15                             P7 Classroom 

Birkhill                                          Tuesday 6 June                                       15:30 – 16:15                             P7 Classroom 

Grange                                Wednesday 7 June                                15:30 – 16:15                            P7 Classroom 

Mattocks                                     Thursday 8 June                                     15:30 – 16:15                             Gym Hall 

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