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All children and young people have the right to get the support they need to reach their full learning potential.

In Scotland, we have an inclusive educational system which focuses on overcoming barriers to learning and Getting it right for every child (GIRFEC).

Some children and young people need additional support to benefit fully from their education.  Additional support needs can arise, in the short or long term, from a variety of circumstances including:

  • the learning environment

  • family circumstances

  • health or disability needs

  • social and emotional factors

Mainstream education - Scotland’s inclusive approach to education enables all children and young people to be part of a community, boosting their emotional wellbeing and aiding the development of social skills.  Children and young people should learn in the environment which best suits their needs and inclusive practice is important whatever the setting, whether it be within a mainstream or special school.  The presumption of mainstreaming enshrines the right of all children and young people with additional support needs to learn in mainstream schools and early learning and childcare settings.  Find out more:

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